Bursting Discs More Safety: Top–Notch Sublimation for Bursting Discs

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Technology for manufacturing bursting disc is not new. However Rembe has developed a new technology of manufacturing that enables bursting discs to offer more safety than before.

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IKB bursting disc from Rembe offers additional safety features
IKB bursting disc from Rembe offers additional safety features
(Picture: Rembe)

The original concept of single-layered reverse acting bursting disc is based on the principle of mechanical scoring. During mechanical scoring, the bursting disc is often weakened by dented scored lines, which then opens at a specified pressure. However, this scoring principle presents explicit disadvantages concerning, torque sensitivity, corrosion risk around the score lines and the opening characteristics with a reduced relief area. In other words – scored bursting discs must be replaced on a regular basis. To solve this problems of replacing discs, Rembe has developed a new technology for manufacturing – Laser-sublimation and IP-technology.

Laser–Sublimation and IP–Technology

characteristics and the relief area of the bursting disc, which helps transition of materials from a solid to gaseous condition. The bursting disc’s material characteristics, particularly its microstructural properties, are not altered. Thus, it is always guaranteed that disc does not experience uncontrolled tearing during the transition as this may damage, or clog other parts of the machine.

Through the IP-process technology, kinetic energy is stored in the bursting disc. As soon as the burst pressure is achieved, transforms this energy and instantaneously gives full bore opening as the energy is released. Thanks to this IP-technology, the bursting disc waives any pre-weakening scores or spaceconsuming downstream knives. It additionally offers enhanced plant security.

A Required Safety Feature

The bursting disc manufactured with new technology is especially suitable for use in the sterile applications. It can be deployed in food and biotechnology industries, where sterlising has immense significance. Additionally, it can also be used at pressurised facilities in the pharmaceutical industry and in all process-equipments found in the chemical and petrochemical plants. The IKB Reverse Acting Bursting Disc is the protection concept for safeguarding pressure apparatus such as tanks, piping and reactors and can be deployed for all purposes.

* Source: Rembe