Fluid Bed Equipment Maximum Fluid Bed Flexibility in Production Scale

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

In a world of short-living products, flexibility of production equipment may give the leading edge on the market. For fluid bed processes, Glatt has designed and installed this flexibility in large scale.

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The capacity of the AGT Pilot-System varies between 10 and 150 kg/batch or 5 to 50 kg/h continuously.
The capacity of the AGT Pilot-System varies between 10 and 150 kg/batch or 5 to 50 kg/h continuously.
(Picture: Glatt)

For fluid bed processes, the AGT System from Glatt can be equipped with an AGT insert for continuous spray granulation, a GF insert for continuous agglomeration and coating and a Vario insert for agglomeration and coating in batch mode. With this equipment even contract manufacturers achieve the flexibility that they need to serve multiple customers. One unit with high capacities ensures low production cost.

All inserts are shown at Powtech 2014 in laboratory scale with the Procell Lab-System. The process can be controlled and the product quality optimized by changing various parameters, including the design of the processing chamber.

Laboratory equipment for feasibility trials typically offers a wide range of adjustments and evaluation of process parameters. Glatt has installed the same flexibility in the pilot scale. The AGT Pilot-System, at the Glatt technology center in Weimar, is a round fluid bed unit, which can be equipped with a circular insert, enabling a plug flow through the unit – the GF insert.

The advantage of the AGT Pilot-System is not only the flexibility of various processes, but the round construction of the unit allows the fluid bed to be built explosion pressure resistant.

Powtech 2014: Hall 6, Stand 111

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