Synthetic Natural Gas LPP Combustion Builds First Synthetic Natural Gas Plant in Oman

Editor: Dominik Stephan

LPP Combustion plans to introduce its technology to produce synthetic natural gas from liquid fuels such as naphtha, kerosene, diesel, biodiesel, or ethanol, to the Middle East. The company believes that there is a need for natural gas as a fuel option in the region, speakers explained.

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US liquid fuel specialists LPP Combustion plan to export their technology to African and mMiddle Eastern markets.
US liquid fuel specialists LPP Combustion plan to export their technology to African and mMiddle Eastern markets.
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Muscat/Oman – “LPP Gas will provide much needed fuel options to the industries of the Middle East and Asia Region,” stated Goutam Sen, Chief Executive Officer, of Oman's National Gas Company SAOG. LPP's management has met NGC to discuss with several customers in Oman and surrounding areas, who have natural gas combustion systems, but are unable to obtain sufficient natural gas quantities to meet their demand. With liquid fuels being a cheap and widely available source of energy in the region, synthetic gas could be a versatile and cost effective solution.

Synthetic Natural Gas from African Biofuels

Also customers in oil rich Nigeria are interested in the technology: Nigerian Bishorps plans to incorporate the LPP Technology directly into West African power projects that use locally available biofuels, as well as the area’s vast supply of conventional liquid fuels. Like the Middle East, West Africa has growing energy demands and locally available liquid fuels that can be used to meet these needs.

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Synthetic Gas Technology Offer new Fuel Perspectives

LPP technology enables liquid fuel to be combusted with very low emissions (equal to or lower than Natural Gas) in natural gas combustion devices, in combination with, or in place of, natural gas. LPP Systems offer the user fuel flexibility with the ability to switch between natural gas and various liquid fuels during turbine operation, while maintaining natural gas]like emissions and performance, and dramatically reducing the maintenance requirements usually associated with liquid fuels.