USA: Biotechnology Lonza Invests in Portsmouth Biologics Site

Editor: Alexander Stark

Lonza Pharma & Biotech announced the investment in a new phase of development at their Portsmouth, NH (USA) site. The expansion will include mid-scale mammalian capacity and the addition of new cell-therapy suites.

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Lonza adds multiple mid-scale 6,000 liter reactors at its Portsmouth facility in the US.
Lonza adds multiple mid-scale 6,000 liter reactors at its Portsmouth facility in the US.
(Source: Lonza)

Portsmouth/USA; Basel/Switzerland — The biologics manufacturer is installing multiple 6,000 liter bioreactors at the site, with building expected to start in late 2018. The Swiss-based manufacturer announced that further expansion of mid-scale capacity is seen as a key area of growth, driven by several factors including a favorable regulatory environment for developing products for niche indications.

With a strong focus on automation, the company is implementing full-suite process analytic technology (PAT) and advanced multi-variate analysis (MVA) to ensure consistent performance. The hybrid facility, which also incorporates state-of-the-art, single-use technologies for simplified processing, will be installed in an existing building.

In addition, Lonza is installing multiple cell-therapy suites at the Portsmouth site. In February 2018, the company established centers of excellence in cell and gene therapy across its network, placing Portsmouth as a clinical and commercial manufacturing center in this emerging technology. Customers will have access to facilities for phase I through to commercial manufacturing under one roof, expected to be fully operational by late 2018.

Lonza acquired the Portsmouth site in 1996 and established it as the first custom manufacturing facility for biologics. The site has undergone several rounds of expansion to reach a footprint of 75,000 m2 today. Recently, a customer monosuite was added, which has now been complemented by mid-scale facilities and cell therapy suites.

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