Fermentation Process Live at Achema Pulse: Safely Controlled Fermentation Processes

Editor: Ahlam Rais

In fermentation processes, gases and liquids must be metered or controlled as precisely and repeatedly as possible over a broad flow range. Bürkert offers a wide range of products for this purpose and will be giving a live presentation at Achema Pulse to show how intelligent fluidic and sensor solutions contribute to safe results.

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Coordinated controllers, sensors and valve units adapt to the process control.
Coordinated controllers, sensors and valve units adapt to the process control.
(Source: Bürkert Fluid Control Systems)

Operating fermenters safely for the production of vaccines, medicines or hormones is demanding. Precisely regulating gases and liquids over a wide flow range, sometimes for weeks at a time, requires know-how. In addition, strict hygiene requirements and standards must be met.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has incorporated this knowledge into the development and production of its intelligent fluidic and sensor solutions and will be providing information on system solutions and components for a safe and reproducible fermentation process in a live presentation as part of the digital Achema Pulse scheduled to be held on June 15 at 12:30 pm (CEST).

With the help of mass flow controllers (MFC), multi-way diaphragm valve systems or Flowave sensors, gases or liquids can be supplied precisely and with repeatable accuracy. Where necessary, a hygienic, low dead space design allows efficient clean-in-place and accelerated cleaning processes, mentions the company. The conditions for sensitive bacteria, yeasts or cell cultures are guaranteed to be optimal at every stage of production this way.

This ensures consistent, safe operation and minimizes losses of the usually expensive products that can result from contamination or incorrect dosing. Process control by means of intelligent interfaces takes place via distributed automation. The user thus also receives process and diagnostic data at the same time, which enables documentation and monitoring of the fermentation process and thus increases safety, opines the firm.

Live Presentation Shows Innovative Fermentation Equipment

Complex biochemical processes usually require individually adapted solutions and these are usually expensive. The company therefore relies on standard components that are offered both individually and in system solutions with sensors, communication and control. The first part of the presentation deals with the added values of the low-maintenance mass flow controllers, which supply gases such as air, N2, O2 and CO2 for atmosphere control in the fermentation process. They work precisely and can be used flexibly due to their large control range.

The second part focuses on a closer look at the Robolux system in the context of fermentation processes. With this compact multi-way diaphragm valve system, dead spaces can be minimized as far as possible, parallel processes can be integrated and different media flows can be controlled and monitored, states the firm.

The third part looks at the advantages of modern flow control and flow measurement and shows process monitoring, for example when feeding additives.

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