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Modular design creates advantages

Glatt’s Modcos Direct Compression System was developed to be a smart solution which is modularly configurable according to customer requirements. Starting with the dosing unit, the various powdered active substances and excipients are continuously and gravimetrically fed into one or several parallel mixers for subsequent continuous homogenization. The dosing units work according to the loss-in-weight principle, as this method compensates for any potential deviations in bulk density.

The dosing units’ storage containers, which are limited in size, are refilled with the help of automatic feeding stations, container loading systems or vacuum conveyor systems. A special control system compensates for any inaccuracies during the short refilling procedure and consequently guarantees that the feed rate always remains constant. A highly accurate dosing unit is vital to the reproducibility of the process. This is especially true for formulations with very low active substance content and active substances which are difficult to dose.

This is why Glatt has joined forces with Coperion K-Tron, a specialist in gravimetrical dosing technology with the required expertise. Requests are often made for between three and six different dosing units, specified for each excipient or active substance and according to the properties and feed rate of the product. Glatt has even developed concepts for special cases where up to ten dosing units synchronously feed two mixers in parallel.

Proven Mixer Quality

The Modcos Direct Compression concept required Glatt to develop an innovative mixer which was tested by Rutgers University, USA and found to be outstanding. The mixer allows for a variable positioning of the dosing devices, which provides greater flexibility to feeding. Additionally, the device can be modularly extended in two different directions, which allows a higher variability in the retention time for the powder to be mixed.

A specially-designed connection between the mixer discharge chute, the filling shoe and the tablet press prevents product segregation after the mixer discharge. The installation of an additional NIR controlling function directly in the tablet press, such as the functions offered by Glatt’s strategic partner Fette Compacting, is still nonetheless possible today.