Granulation Lab Scale Granulation

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Big is beatiful but sometimes small is better. GEA takes its continous granulation and drying concept CosimaGma one step further: with a compact version for lab-scale applications.

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GEA's ConsiGma (Picture: GEA)
GEA's ConsiGma (Picture: GEA)

For researches that need only some hundreds of grams of ingredients, the CosimaGma-1 features high shear granulator equipped with all necessary auxiliaries to allow the development of the granulation process. For further flexibility a small version of the CosimaGma's drying unit, that handles 0.5 to 1.5 kg of granular material, can be added.

According to GEA, fast processing times, low product losses and flexibility of application makes the CosimaGma-1 well suited for developing the formula and process parameters using Design of Experiments. Furthermore, gathered process parameters can be directly transferred to the bigger production scale CosimaGma.