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Korean Industry Sets Sights on Biotech: How Process Analytics goes Gangnam-Style

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A demanding process — thus, it is important that all influential factors are kept under strenuous control. That means highest demands for process equipment as well: All measuring techniques meet the stringent requirements of US American Current Good Manufacturing Processes, cGMP.

For critical measuring units, such as temperature, pressure, flow rate and level as well as liquid analysis, instruments from the Swiss automation specialists Endress+Hauser are used. “Endress+Hauser were from the beginning — from the pilot plant to the commercial operation — essentially involved in the equipment of Samsung Biologics and could prevail in the contract for the process measuring technique against major competitors.

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As stressed at Samsung, the service, which records the entire equipment runtime throughout the device provisioning, was decisive. “This reduces our risks and at the same time, maintains the operating performance consistently,” a spokesman of Samsung Biologics emphasises. At least 68 different device types are included in the list of the instrument delivered.

Automation Expertise for the World's Biggest Biologicals Project

Apart from technological expertise, the automation experts had another card up their sleeve, Samsung confirms: The Endress+Hauser service, which covers the whole unit lifetime. “This reduces our risks while keeping production up-and-running,” a Samsung speaker stated. Teams of E+H are concerned with the calibration, maintenance and repairs of the measuring technology; hence all processes can operate free of interruption as well as in a particularly hygienic and safe manner — which is nowhere as important as it is in the pharmaceutical industry.

Especially in Korea, where trust in business relations plays a key role, it is important that the customers are not left out in the rain, Tony Jacobsen, Corporate Director Regional Sales at Endress+Hauser for the sales region of Asia/Pacific, explains.

From Workbench to Lab

The interest that Samsung, a world leader in consumer electronics, shows in biotech and GMOs is representative of the ongoing transition of the whole Korean industry: From workbench to lab, from laboratory to process. Currently, Endress+Hauser still makes the lion’s share of its sales of 62,700 million Wong with orders from the chemical industry (23 %), shipbuilding (19 %) or as a supplier of consumer branches. Especially the outfitting of the floating refinery Pazflor with 1,200 E+H measuring devices caused a stir in the industry. After all, this humongous FPSO processes 220,000 barrels of crude oil day in, day out — all out on the high seas of the African coast.