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Keep on Track, Despite Market Turmoils: The Future of Polymers

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Nevertheless: “Industry 4.0 is above all one thing: a tremendous opportunity that we want to take advantage of together with our customers,” says Dr Stefan Engleder, CTO of injection technology specialist Engel. He says he does not consider the word ‘revolution’ to be very appropriate, however.

“The changes that we are currently experiencing are more like an evolution,” Engleder says. “For us, Industry 4.0 is not a new idea, but is already long-established daily practice in many areas.” Other players in the sector will most likely see things in a similar vein.

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Thus, GKV President Westerheide is convinced that new digital technologies will open up new vistas for plastics processors too, and says: “K 2016 will offer us an excellent opportunity to explore the advantages of digitization for our industry.”