Ammonia Projects in Russia KBR Provides Purifier Technology for Russian Ammonia Sites

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Eurochem will use KBR's proprietary Purifier technology under a license through Tecnimont for two new ammonia plants located at Kingisepp near St. Petersburg and Nevinnomyssk in southern Russia.

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KBR technology for two Russian ammonia plants
KBR technology for two Russian ammonia plants
(Picture: KBR)

St. Petersburg/Russia – “Eurochem selected KBR’s Purifier ammonia processing technology because it is more reliable and has lower energy consumption than competing technologies in the industry, resulting in reduced operating costs for the end user,” said Roy Oelking, KBR Hydrocarbons Group President.

“This award confirms that KBR is in the best position to provide Russia with proven cost effective ammonia processing technologies to upgrade their aging fertilizer plants,” Oelking said. As one of the world’s leading supplier of ammonia process technologies, KBR has been involved in the licensing, design, engineering and construction of more than 230 ammonia plants worldwide.

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