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Johan Sverdrup Offshore Project: A Giant Comes to Life

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Johan Sverdrup Field Center in Phase One

Processing Platform

Function: To process oil and gas to enable transport to shore. The oil handling design capacity is 315,000 boe/day (50,000 Sm3/day) divided into two trains and gas capacity 6 MSm3/d. The processing system includes 3 stage separators, gas dehydration and gas recompression equipment, gas export compressor, gas-fired heaters, produced water processing equipment etc.

Topside Dry Weight: 23,000 metric tons


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Topside Dimensions: 100m x 25m

Riser Platform

Function: The Riser Platform (RP) is a combined riser/utility platform and provides water and chemical injection, oil and gas export, field power and can be used for future tie-ins. The platform is designed for a total of 45 risers and J-tubes as well as 10 caissons. The topsides are supported on an eight-legged jacket structure.

Topside Dry Weight: 19,000 metric tons

Topside Dimensions: 125m x 30m

The offshore mega project Johan Sverdrup
The offshore mega project Johan Sverdrup
(Picture: Statoil)

Drilling Platform

Function: To enable platform drilling and well intervention. The Drilling Platform (DP) will also provide well bay, production and injection manifolding functionality. The DP topside includes a module support frame (MSF), drilling support module (DSM) and drilling equipment set (DES). Ancillaries include two platform cranes and supports for bridges to the Riser and Process Platforms. The platform is based on a 4x12 well slot configuration, giving 48 well slots in total.

Topside Dry Weight: 15,000 metric tons

Topside Dimensions: 40m x 83m

Living Quarters Platform

Function: To provide 450 cabins and serve as the field center (control room) for operations and telecommunications. It will contain workshops/stores and provide emergency power and other utilities for the field. The main mustering stations, equipped with nine lifeboats, will be located on the LQ. A permanently stationed search and rescue helicopter will be based here.

Topside Dry Weight: 16,500 metric tons

Topside Dimensions:85m x 28m


Three trussed-structure bridges of various lengths (80-120m). The bridges include large and small-bore pipework and have enclosed access corridors for pedestrian and fork-lift truck traffic.