Chemical and Polymer Project Engineering

It's an Ideas Thing: Polymer Plant Engineers Think Bigger

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From large scale polymer production via engineering services for plant revamps to polymer recycling — EPC stands by its word as a one-stop solution provider for polymer processes. That also includes specialty polymers such as PET-G and PBT, that are used for modern furniture, foils and coatings, laminate sheets, cosmetic bottles, FDA approved oven trays and seal lips as well as LED-reflectors because of their high stability towards heat, moisture and light.

It Starts With an Idea

These enablers of a future polymer value chain can rely on EPC’s expertise as well as their turnkey solutions for the production of PET-G or the conversion of existing facilities. PBT producers can also use a newly developed disk ring reactor with hydraulically driven shafts, which prevent leaks while ensuring a high vacuum for a reliable process.

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One can always do better: Although polymers like polycarbonates, PET or polystyrene look back on a rich history that spans decades, specialists like EPC aim to push the measure even further. “Ideas inside”: The motto of the engineering experts underlines the driving force for project planners and process specialists. From big production plants to modular engineering, from molecules to polymers, everything starts with a good idea — just like it did with Alfred Einhorn, 120 years ago. DST