Process Gas Analysis Infrared Analysis for Plant Operators and Process Engineers

Editor: Marion Henig

The Full Spectrum Model IPS-4 presented on Pittcon in Atlanta Combines Ultraviolet with Single Beam and Multiple Wavelength IR Technology.

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IPS-4 full spectrum analyzer (Picture: Ametek Process Instruments)
IPS-4 full spectrum analyzer (Picture: Ametek Process Instruments)

Atlanta, GA – Infrared analysis provides plant operators and process engineers a powerful tool for on-line component concentration measurement, but that analysis can be limited in accuracy due to cross interference in complex streams. Many gases exhibit multiple absorptions in the infrared spectrum. Those issues are eliminated with the new Model IPS-4 full spectrum analyzer from Ametek Process Instruments according to companies representatives.

The full spectrum analyzer is able to measure up to eight components using the most favorable absorptions in both UV and IR spectrums eliminating cross sensitivity concerns. The unit combines a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) platform and integrated sampling system with a field-proven UV-Vis platform. The versatile unit additionally offers unparalleled reliability and digital connectivity and is durable enough to be installed outdoors in a wash-down, hazardous, and environmentally harsh locations.

Cross Correlated Results

The Model IPS-4 full spectrum analyzer performs measurements simultaneously in the UV spectrum using diode array detection and in the IR spectrum using single beam multi-wave length technology. The readings are then cross correlated. The UV readings are further verified (Optical Bench Electronic Verification) by evaluating detector response to known change in lamp intensity, while the single beam/multiple wave length IR technology ratios the signal output of a desired component to a reference to minimize common mode errors.