Dimethoxymethane (Methylal) Ineos Starts Methylal Production in Mainz, Germany

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Ineos Paraform starts up its new Dimethoxymethane (Methylal) production line at Mainz, Germany. This expansion to the company's portfolio allows it to further expand its business into the downstream acetals market, company speakers stated.

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Ineos starts up its Methylal production at Mainz, germany.
Ineos starts up its Methylal production at Mainz, germany.
(Picture: Ineos)

Mainz/Germany – “This is an important new investment for our site and customers as we continue to modernize existing plants and invest in new projects to meet our customer needs to supply new markets and create sustainable and profitable growth for our business,” said Ineos Paraform CEO Wolf Haenel.

Methylal is an additive used in polyacetal and ion exchange resins. Due to its strong solvent power, its low toxicity and low viscosity it is used in a broad range of applications among others aerosols, paint strippers, cosmetics, cleaning agents, PU foams.

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