Belgium: Ethylidene Norbornene Plant Ineos Oxide Plans to Build New ENB Plant

Editor: Alexander Stark

Ineos announced the launch of a feasibility study for a new world-scale ENB production unit. This would represent a second ENB asset for the company, joining the existing production unit in Antwerp Belgium, which is subject to a recently announced capacity expansion due to be complete by late 2019.

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The new ENB unit is joining Ineos' existing production unit in Antwerp, Belgium.
The new ENB unit is joining Ineos' existing production unit in Antwerp, Belgium.
(Source: Ineos)

Cologne/Germany — A number of locations in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions are being considered for the new unit, as well as the option of adding a second line in Antwerp, the company announced. The aim was to have the second ENB unit on stream by 2023.

The German company is also reviewing investment options to secure additional supply of Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) to feed the new ENB unit.

Ongoing ENB demand growth from both new and existing customers, in particular those producing EPDM rubber, would require new capacity to be commissioned early in the next decade, said Rodney Stobbs, Business Director, Ineos Oxide. The new investment into DCPD production capability would represented a logical strategic development of the business portfolio, in addition to supporting their global ambitions on ENB, he added.

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