Automation in Wastewater Treatment

How to 'Watomate': Discover the Role of Automation in Waste–Water Treatment

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Automation also leads to lower costs in terms of running and maintenance. Managing Director, ASCO Numatics–India (A unit of Emerson), RJ Lakshmikantha

opines, “In water treatment plants, automation resulted in better ROI. Based on the level of automation deployed, few typical saving indicators are as follows:


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chemical savings 15–14 per cent, energy savings 5–35 per cent, labor savings 5–30 per cent and above.”

Kasinathan agrees to this, he says, “Automation brings down the operational and energy costs significantly; thus, helping to achieve a shorter payback period.” The numerous benefits enable industry players to make a profitable business deal.

What’s New in Water Treatment

With the wastewater industry heavily relying on the automation segment, it is imperative that automation players provide innovative and fresh technologies to their end users.

Some of the latest technologies in this space include dissolved oxygen control with a constant or variable setpoint in aeration unit, an aeration phase length control in alternating plants based on nutrient sensors, a nitrate recirculation control in a pre-denitrification plant based on nitrate and DO measurements in the aerator and anoxic zone, return sludge control based on sludge blanket measurements in the settler, advanced sludge retention time control based on local measurements of effluent ammonia concentration and estimated nitrification capacity, aeration tank settling is one way of temporarily increasing plant capacity in storm conditions.

Kasinathan adds, “The control of anaerobic process aims at regulating the biogas flow, at stabilizing the process and at maximizing its productivity, and successful chemical precipitation control can be based on local measurements of phosphate concentration.”

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