High Level Aseptic Filling How to Maintain Aseptic Conditions When Filling Vials

Author / Editor: Ivan Ragazzini, Roberto Cazzaniga* / Anke Geipel-Kern

To maintain aseptic conditions, it is essential to ensure that the liquid inside the vials is filled with extreme precision and, possibly, in the shortest possible time, so as to guarantee high production speeds —  In order to fully meet these requirements, Ima Life has recently mounted on Xtrema LV, In-line Filling & Stoppering machine, the Micro Motion mass flowmeter provided by Emerson Process Management.

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Cleaning in Place with CIP/SIP-System.
Cleaning in Place with CIP/SIP-System.
(Bild: Ima)

Aseptic filling is one of the most critical phases of pharmaceutical production processes and always a mission for specialists. At the forefront in Aseptic Processing & Filling, operates Ima Life, one of the Pharma Divisions of Ima Group. It is worthy to emphasize that 50 technicians and engineers from this division are dedicated to development and product innovation. Every year the Company capitalizes about 40 million euros in research activities.

Of course, much of the equipment produced in the workshops is supported by a large network of specialized subcontractors, but it must be said that the key technologies, which give to machines that indisputable quid that differentiates from competition, are and will continue to remain an internal corporate prerogative.

Mechanical Processes at Achema 2015
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Exactly like the innovative filling system which Ima Life technicians realized for Xtrema LV (Large Volume), an in-line filling & stoppering machine for the dosing of liquids in aseptic environment , with an output up to 600 PCs per minute.

Flow Measurement is Heart of filling Line

The heart of a new customized solution applied on the Xtrema LV machine is the Micro Motion mass flowmeter supplied by Emerson Process Management, whose staff has worked with the R&D Department of Ima Life in a development process lasted five years.

The technicians have been started from a Customer question. The pharmaceutical company required an output up to 600 bottles per minute with high level of accuracy and repeatability? The machine is dedicated to aseptic filling, having tailored features which can be wrapped up as follows: wide filling range, from 50 ml up to 1 liter (Large Volume Parenterals), high accuracy and repeatability, flexibility in batch changes and in CIP SIP operations (Clean in Place, Sterilization in Place). All of this independently of the type of product to be filled in, filing volume requirements, product temperature or density.

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