Water Treatment: Reverse Osmosis Elements

Higher Performance Levels With New Reverse Osmosis Elements

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The details of these results were compiled on a poster “Novel Feed Spacer Design for RO Elements with Enhanced Performance for Waste Water Treatment” by Carsten Schellenberg, Julien Ogier and Stefan Lehmann, which is to be presented at the AMTA/AWWA conference. It shows operating cost calculations based on a waste water treatment scenario, which illustrate the considerable cost-cutting potential of ASD elements.

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Pooled competence for reverse osmosis and ion exchange

Lanxess offers customers a wide range of products and comprehensive expertise in two important areas of water treatment: Membrane technology and ion exchange. Ion exchange resins from the extensive Lewatit line have been synonymous with high performance and quality for over 75 years the company said.

Lanxess proprietary Lewa Plus software supports not only the design of reverse osmosis, ion exchange and combined systems for water treatment, but also a detailed and reliable estimation of the investment and operating costs. “The knowledge and experience Lanxess has gained with its Lewabrane and Lewatit grades, and its technological and applications know-how in membrane technology and ion exchange, are continuously being incorporated into our Lewa Plus design software,” added Schellenberg.