Wastewater Treatment in India

H2O Alert! Why India Has to Change the Way it Looks at Water

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Through these examples, it is evident that the opportunities in store for wastewater treatment in smart cities are huge! Providing a different perspective, Poladia opines, “The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is coming up with a wastewater treatment plant on 35 acres of land in Malwani in Malad, Mumbai. This is going to be the biggest plant in India.”

Similarly, all over India, municipal corporations are also undertaking wastewater treatment in a big way! The wastewater treatment industry also has its own challenges. Singh comments, “Regulations are directly linked to corruption, hence the Pollution Control Board or regulatory authorities should lay down strict measures.” Apart from this, there is a need for cost effective technologies and investments in the wastewater treatment segment.

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Wastewater treatment is the need of the hour and it is only through initiatives from the government along with the development of cost effective technologies that industries of all scales can undertake wastewater treatment. If we want to sustain the water levels of our planet the time to act is now!

* The author is Associate Editor at Vogel Business Media India

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