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Got Milk? Cutting the Energy Bill of Dairy Production

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It also has solutions for evaporation & spray dryer to reduce the steam consumption using the APC (Advanced Process Control) blocks. The solutions can also be used to understand, evaluate and make decisions about processes, plants and enterprise operations to identify bottlenecks, analyze production downtime causes, calculate key performance indicators, deliver accurate views of production inputs and outputs, understand work-in-process, track the real costs of production and many more operational performance issues. The company also provides dedicated experts to help the industry with application, product and technical needs. By providing this, food and beverage industries including the dairy sector can have access to complete process automation and control solutions, they would be able to ensure increased overall equipment effectiveness, yield and process efficiency, ensure uptime, reduce waste and scrap, help one to measure the quality of their operation, reinforce continuous improvement and implement track and traceability for quicker response times.

Some of the key features of the control systems and electrical distribution solutions for the dairy sector are to enable systems to continue operating for a certain length of time after an unexpected power loss. They help to detect failures quickly, perhaps even anticipate them. Further, they provide increased flexibility for packaging lines and ensure secure power supplies.


Liquid Food Library

Schneider Electric is committed to bring its global experience and innovation in the dairy industry for its Indian customers through its dairy suite package. The organization has started with a dedicated team of experts catering only to its dairy customers. Its R&D lab in Bengaluru has a state-of-theart Liquid Food Library that its customers can experience and leverage. Besides this, some of the key innovative solutions and products from Schneider Electric in India have been in the dairy segment such as quality monitoring during the procurement process, all the way from village collection centres to bulk milk coolers, online milk quality analyzers, product recovery solutions, batch processing, MES, localized process control and data recording of pasteurizer temperatures to comply with the PMO standards and tailor-made hybrid DCS.

* First published in PROCESS Worldwide Subcontinent Edition Aug. 2016