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Oct 7, 2020

Drying and protective coating for bacteria and other fermentation products: Alternative process approach

Formulating temperature-sensitive probiotics successfully by layering + coating in the fluidized bed. Drying fermentation products to dust-free granules in one step. Enteric coatings for lactobacilli to improve protection and increase bioavailability and delivery. Stable storage of immobilized microorganisms over long periods of time with minimal loss in activity.

White biotechnology produces active ingredients for food supplements on an industrial scale. Are you a producer of amino acids, vitamins or microorganisms as starter cultures or enzymes? Do you want to dry the liquids to improve stabilization and enable further processing? Benefit from the wide range of product properties that can be achieved and determined in Glatt's fluidized bed processes. Convert your fermentation products into functional, high-value intermediates and final products. Dry your solutions in one step to create dust-free, easy-flowing, storage-stable granules. These particles improve handling and reduce dusting and explosivity risk. Increase bioavailability by nano- and micro-encapsulation of bioactive substances or stabilize your probiotic bacterial strains. Our case study shows a layering of lactobacilli on a neutral carrier without significant loss of bacterial counts. The additional application of an enteric protective coating ensures an almost complete reactivation of the bacteria in the intestine. The process uses low temperatures and precise operating conditions to produce a customized product that is a competitive alternative to lyophilisation with effort. Glatt will work with you to create this product and achieve scale up to the volumes you require.

Further information on particle coating in the fluidized bed for functional and protective layers, targeted release profiles, attractive appearance, masking of smell + taste