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Aug 1, 2012

Glatt AGT Series for Continuous Production of Granules and Pellets by Fluid Bed Technology - Continuous fluid bed granulation-drying system AGT for demanding spray granulation processes.

Very gentle handling of temperature-sensitive and highly viscous materials.
Even sticky liquids can be granulated directly.
Throughputs from 20 kg/h to 10 t/h.

The continuous fluid bed granulation drying system (AGT) is equipped with a round bottom screen. The entire fluid bed is always ideally mixed. The product is discharged by means of a centrally arranged discharge pipe. The grain size of the product is determined by the velocity of the discharge air.
In most AGT processes a liquid raw material is dried while building up particle size. It is also possible to add continuously solid raw material. The fluid bed guarantees that all raw materials are mixed homogeneously in the final product.

Spray granulation of highly viscous materials
High fluidizing speeds in the spray granulation-drying system AGT enables granules to be manufactured even with sticky products, such as pastes. Dust is separated by means of external filters and fed back into the process.
Central product discharge
The product is removed from the process in the middle of the process chamber by means of a discharge pipe. The distance from the discharge is therefore not large at any point in the process chamber and any lumps that are produced are extracted at an early stage.
Classifying discharge
The central discharge pipe works dynamically with the upward flowing air. Only granulate with product-sized grains can overcome the flow; dust and undersized grains remain in the process.
Exhaust air treatment 120 Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE with dust return
The exhaust air is cleaned externally. All dust is recycled into the processing chamber were it is needed as seed material for the granulation process.