New Polymer Plant Gharda Chemicals to Build a New Polymer Plant

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Gharda Plastics, the performance polymers division of Gharda Chemicals, launched its specialty lubricious solution for industrial and business appliances. Now the company wants to boost it's polymers production capacity with a new process plant...

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Gharda plans new production plant for polymers
Gharda plans new production plant for polymers
(Picture: PROCESS)

Mumbai/India - This collaborative development with other industrial partners is aimed at applications that require very high wear resistance. The G-PAEK product family is based on Poly Ether Ketone (PEK) and GAZOLE - representing freshly commercialized thermoplastic alloys of PEK and Poly benzimidazole (PBI)

On this background, the company plans to open a commercial scale plant in Panoli for making specialized engineering resins polyetherketone, polyetheretherketone and polybenzimidazole, using a new production method. The company will decide final capacity and investment details later this year, and is aiming for an April 2015 startup for the new facility.

“The new process of making PEK is produced with a single monomer and is based in chlorine rather than fluorine like other PEK manufacturers,” informed Head- Polymer Strategic Business Unit, Gharda Chemicals.

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