Packaging Technology Gerald Schubert in a Chat on the Upcoming Interpack 2014

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

Before we go on — yes, it does exist, the famous packaging machine without a switch cabinet. Following on from the Transmodule is the next coup in time for Interpack 2014. Managing director Gerald Schubert points out the unique features of the Schubert machines on a tour of the shop floor.

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(Pictures: Gerhard Schubert)

PROCESS: Mr. Schubert, a large construction project on the site and an assembly hall packed wall-to-wall with machines. Business seems to be going well at Gerhard Schubert.

Schubert: We can’t grumble. Growth was in double figures in 2013 as it had also been in the last few years. We are historically very strong in the confectionery and food industry. So it is good for us to see growth coming from new sectors as well.

PROCESS: Which sectors are these?

Schubert: Bottling cosmetic products is a relatively new segment where we are keen to generate additional growth and build on some tidy orders already in hand. The percentage of pharmaceuticals is still at the 15 % mark at the moment but we want to increase this to 20 % by 2020. Another nice source of growth is glass and PET bottle packaging. We also want to see stronger growth in the new markets. Our international customers are not looking so much towards Europe or America for their own growth but are investing in South America, Africa, China and South-East Asia. And these are markets in which we are currently doing precious little business, but we want to supply our customers where they are.

PROCESS: Pharmaceuticals is a word which should make one or two people sit up and take notice. Are you now intending to start bottling medicines?

Schubert: This is not our aim. We enter the process when the pharmaceutical products are packed, but we are convinced that our technology is particularly well suited to the pharmaceuticals industry and also to the cosmetics industry. Our customers love the Transmodule because it opens up new prospects for “track and trace” or serialization jobs. We can track packaging throughout the entire process, make the necessary checks, and meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of safety and traceability. Also, in the medium term, this subject will occupy the minds of producers in the food sector.

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