Gas Cleaning Gas Cleaning with Venturi- and Jet Scrubber

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

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Körting designs and develops scrubbers on the basis of the ejector principle relating to co-current flow apparatus in which dusts and pollutants could be separated and discharged off. Through the injection of a rinsing liquid a very large phase interface between gas and liquid is generated which serves to separate the dust and promote the direct heat and mass exchange. Cooling takes place in the waste gas on the basis of thermal compensation processes and it can be set at a prescribed temperature level by selecting a suitable rinsing liquid temperature profile. During the actual rinsing process the pollutants in the waste gas are absorbed and bonded physically with water or chemically with suitable reagents in the rinsing liquid and subsequently separated. Parallel to these processes, one feature of the jet gas scrubber is that waste gas requiring cleaning is suctioned in autonomously on the basis of the ejector principle. The scrubber works entirely free of pressure losses and therefore the instalment of a blower for gas conveying can be dispensed with.

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