Wastewater Treatment

Furthering the Course of Water: Best Practices for Effluent Treament

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Wastewater Recycling Technologies

  • Rapid gravity sand filtration Rapid sand filters use relatively coarse sand and other granular media to remove particles and impurities that have been trapped in a floc through the use of flocculation chemicals—typically salts of aluminum or iron. Water and flocs flow through the filter medium under gravity or under pumped pressure and the flocculated material is trapped in the sand matrix.
  • Ultra-filtration membrane technologyUltra-filtration (UF) is the process of separating extremely small particles and dissolved molecules from fluids. The primary basis for separation is molecular size – particles ranging from 1,000 - 1,000,000 molecular weight are retained by ultra-filtration membranes.

Working Examples

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd has been at the forefront of the water industry and has executed several plants based on the above technologies. The 30 MLD sewage treatment plant (STP) for the Steel Authority of India, Bhilai, which is one of the largest recycling treatment plants in India, is based on extended aeration technology. Through this plant, colony sewage is recycled and used for the processes of the steel plant.

Similarly, sewage recycled from a 8.5 MLD STP for the Vadodara Municipal Corporation is now used for gardening purposes, while a 4 MLD STP for the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA) helped in lake reclamation. On water treatment, the company has constructed several plants. A 125 MLD plant, based on conventional technology is supplying water to Coimbatore city, whilst plants at Meenad and Pattuvam, based on lamella clarifier technology (90 and 73 MLD respectively) have been constructed for the Kerala Water Authority (KWA). Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh also has a 195 MLD water treatment plant.


A 12.5 MLD STP based on moving media bioreactor for Karad Municipal Council, Maharashtra and a 20.5 MLD STP based on sequential batch reactor at Sanand, for the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, are also underway.

* The author is Vice President and Business Head of Kirloskar Brothers' Water Resource Management