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Fighting Air Pollution: Tracking and Retaining Particulate Matter

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After microwave-heated pressure digestion and measurement using ICP-MS a lead content of 101 mg/kg ± 0.47 mg/kg could be ascertained in the ERM CZ-120. With a recovery of 90 % good conformity with the minimum recovery requirement of between 90-100 % could be achieved.

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For the digestion of Pb, Cd, As and Ni as constituents of the PM10 fraction in dust a robust procedure is required which delivers reproducible results with sufficient accuracy. Using the digestion of the certified ERM CZ-120 reference material it could be shown that in addition to Pb, Cd and Ni also volatile heavy metal species could be reliably digested with the speedwave Entry microwave digestion system. In addition, the procedure set down in DIN 14902 could be optimised to make possible the digestion of several filters at once. The practical retainer system minimises the risk of contamination and loss of samples.

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