Contact Coating FCI Enters into Agreement with Impact Coatings

FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, has been evaluating Silver Max Phase, a gold plating replacement technology of Impact Coatings. This has now resulted in the parties entering into an agreement to commercialize the contact finishing solution.

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FCI and Impact Coatings sign an agreement for a contact finishing solution.
FCI and Impact Coatings sign an agreement for a contact finishing solution.
(Picture: PROCESS)

Linköping/Sweden – As part of the two-year agreement, FCI will market and sell Impact Coatings patented contact coating Silver Max Phase. FCI’s customers include some of the world’s largest electronics companies. Impact Coatings will support FCI with technical Know-how, sales support and production capacity for prototype samples.

The agreement creates a powerful channel to major end-customers. FCI has better access to end-customers with respect to select Silver Max Phase over regular gold plating. FCI obtains exclusive rights to promote the contact coating to certain application areas set out in the agreement.

The Silver Max Phase finish replaces gold finish for electrical contacts. The finishing solution leads to both reduced cost and better electrical conductivity. The material is being coated with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) instead of electro-plating, and this results in a significant reduction of hazardous substances during production. Impact Coatings production equipment for the contact coating can therefore be set up without the environmental licenses required for plating. This is aligned with FCI’s vision to deliver more environmentally friendly products to the market.