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Explosion Protection Around the Globe: Ex for Everyone, Please!

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The other certification schemes are also beginning to take hold in many countries, as accounts given at the new regional conferences have shown, e.g. most recently in the case of Malaysia. After Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, the next conference in Gdansk in Poland will feature reports on experiences in the field in Europe.

At the last count, more than 16,000 products have received IECEx certificates. Certifications for repair facilities were first issued five years ago and are continuously becoming more numerous. The most recent scheme, the Certification of Personnel Competencies, has also seen very solid growth. The multi–stage testing process includes theoretical exams as well as practical tasks that must be mastered in a realistic testing environment. Within the first two years of these complex competence tests, more than 400 certificates have already been issued.

Online Database for all Valid Certificates and Licences

With three different schemes devised to safeguard people and ensure the integrity of equipment throughout the entire life cycle of explosion–protected components and systems, the need for information among users of the IECEx system has multiplied as well. An online database containing all valid certificates and licenses is therefore available at the IECEx website to enable users anywhere in the world to verify data at short notice.

The database comprises approved Certification Bodies, manufacturers of approved explosion–proof equipment, certified, competent skilled personnel for work in hazardous areas, and suitable certified service providers. It is possible to quickly check the marking of explosion–proof equipment, review details in certificates, and consult installation requirements of explosion–proof equipment. Users can also scrutinize the specific qualifications of skilled personnel. In order to provide for even more flexible access to this database, a free–of–charge app for mobile devices is available as well.

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