Gas Sensors

Ensuring Operational Safety With Gas Sensors

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Process' Safety, Customer’s Satisfaction

The performance expectations of Divis Lab were fully realised. After the first few months of use, an overall positive conclusion was made based on the customer’s opinions:

  • The sensors are compact, simple and
  • easy to install
  • Maintenance effort is clearly reduced
  • Measuring systems are accurate and reliable


With direct in-line measurement of O2 in the centrifuge, there is no need for a gas sampling and conditioning system. Amperometric sensors are insensitive to humidity and a wide range of organic solvents that are typically used in centrifuges. As no gas sampling and conditioning system is needed, the easy to use measurement systems are more rugged and contribute to higher process reliability.

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* The author is Mettler Toledo’s Sales Manager for Process Analytics in South and East India.