Water Treatment

Efficient Water Treatment and Distribution

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To get clear view about performance of assets, to decide improvement actions, and follow up results over time necessitate Energy Optimisation System (EOS) for water, at plant or remote control centre, wherein KPIs and trends combine process and energy data, bring real time visibility on plant energy performance and carbon emissions, and provide guidance for improvement through dashboards to allow benchmark of your assets.

Security too has become a major concern for water operators. Drinking water production and distribution, chemical storage at wastewater treatment plant require particular surveillance security operations on a single system, validation of entry into sensitive areas, information to audit log and greater traceability for events that occur.

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Current Major Problems and Solutions for Water Treatment

The current main problem in water plants is correlating control and response. It is for the operator to respond to the plant and vice versa. Data is required to be churned out into useful information, which necessitates the understanding of the process constraints and the complex process interactions built on correlations between the variables, cause and effect.

There is a need for a process analyst tool that predicts the behaviour based on the available parameters by identifying patterns. This tool (Fig. 3) allows operators and process engineers to analyse the cause of process disturbances by bringing together trend and alarm data, which are traditionally stored separately. With the Process Analyst, users can simply view them all on a single integrated display.

Combining Flexibility and Efficiency

Complete flexibility is provided to the user on how the pens can be displayed, for example they can be overlaid or stacked and any pen can be placed in different panes to reduce clutter and make the display easier to read. The Process Analyst includes many unique features including true Daylight Savings Time support, accuracy to millisecond resolution, individual time axis per pen, customisable toolbars, rich printing and saving of all display settings for easy recall...