Water Treatment

Efficient Water Treatment and Distribution

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Liquid Cooled Drive Increase Drive Efficiency

Liquid Cooled Drives (Fig. 2) are becoming a more attractive option for high Ingress Protection (IP54 and above), and increase drive system efficiencies. Internal coolant in the liquid cooled drives, collects the heat inside the power modules – where the heat is being generated, and dissipate it outside the room by exchanging with either water or air outside. Less than 0.15 per cent of total heat generated will be exposed to surrounding air, which is practically negligible. Therefore, no need of additional air conditioning.

Controls and SCADA – Managing Water Treatment and Distribution

As the technology improved so did the control processes. An example of this is the use of streaming current meters as a secondary control loop behind the primary flow pacing for coagulant dosing. The true power of the control system was the ability to combine large quantities of digital and analog data – and produce algorithms of greater complexity than can typically be achieved through combinations of single instruments.

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Water operators have to manage infrastructure made of a lot of distributed and geographically dispersed sites. To achieve efficient operation, and to allow asset performance management, data consolidation is the key. Not only in terms of process, but also energy, and finally hooking to the enterprise level systems.

Efficiency 24/7 – Water Treatment Has Special Requirements

Water and wastewater infrastructures have to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the same time, infrastructure operation is conducted by a limited number of people, who should work in safe conditions. This calls for integrating process, power and video within a single environment, through consistent look and feel interface, which greatly improves SCADA operator efficiency and staff security, and enables the operator to visualise the problem through video – and react to security alerts immediately...