Takeover in Vitamins DSM Takes Over Chinese Vitamin C Specialist Aland

Editor: Dominik Stephan

DSM, a global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, plans to take over Aland, a Hong Kong-based company producing vitamin C in mainland China. Aöland generated sales of about US $ 90 million in vitamin C with around 1,850 employees in 2013.

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DSM buys Honk Kong based vitamins producer
DSM buys Honk Kong based vitamins producer
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Honk Kong – Acquiring Aland, one of the leading Vitamin C manufacturers in China, allows DSM to further strengthen its position in vitamin C. Aland increases DSM's global footprint in vitamins for Human Nutrition & Health, Animal Nutrition & Health and Personal Care. DSM remains fully committed to its current vitamin C manufacturing facility in Dalry (Scotland, United Kingdom). The acquisition fully meets DSM's financial and strategic requirements.

Aland was founded in 1990 and has a production facility in Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province in China. In 2013 the company realized net sales of about USD 90 million in vitamin C with around 1,850 employees. The transaction excludes Aland's consumer health activities. DSM plans to invest in Aland's production facilities for operational excellence including quality and environmental performance.

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