Rugged Differential-Pressure Differential-Pressure Flowmeter for Gas Lift Systems

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

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V-Cone Flowmeter for gas lift systems (Picture: McCrometer)
V-Cone Flowmeter for gas lift systems (Picture: McCrometer)

The V-Cone differential-pressure flowmeter is ideal for gas lift applications in low-pressure oil wells, says supplier McCrometer, because it combines high accuracy (±0.5 percent of reading, with repeatability of ±0.1 percent) with a 10:1 turndown and a small footprint. The no-moving-parts design requires virtually no maintenance and even in tough conditions remains accurate for 25 years or more. It is available in line sizes from 0.5 inch to more than 120 inches, and in a wide variety of materials. Built-in flow conditioning means the V-Cone flowmeter requires a maximum of three straight pipe diameters upstream and one diameter downstream. A central cone shapes the velocity profile of the gas to provide a stable and accurate signal, McCrometer claims. One of the two pressure taps is placed slightly upstream of the cone, with the other located in the downstream face of the cone itself.