Joint Development with Eaton Cooperation: Joint Development Shall Open the Door to Europe for Yokogawa

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Yokogawa’s strategy of growth through cooperations bears fruits: The Japanese process automation specialists teamed up with Eaton to develop an all new integrated production control system.

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Eaton Supports Yokogawa with Its New Centum VP R6.01 Integrated Production Control System
Eaton Supports Yokogawa with Its New Centum VP R6.01 Integrated Production Control System
(Picture: Yokogawa)

Herman van den Berg, President of Yokogawa Europe, had already announced further strategic cooperations as a growth strategy at the Yokogawa user conference 2014. Joint projects could help the Japanese company to gain a foothold in coveted markets like Europe, van den Berg stated. Especially energy management solution are regarded as a highly promising field of activity by Yokogawa. To tap into the full potential of this branch , a dedicated Solution Service unit aims to step up engineering and maintenance in addition to energy management services throughout the whole life cycle as well as in process analytics or advanced process control.

As a first step, the new Centum VP R6.01 process control shall bring new process efficiency and flexibility to industrial production. The unit features a newly developed intrinsically safe universal input/output (I/O) module for greater efficiency in system configuration and engineering to reduce installation and configuration efforts of process control systems.

For the development of the new Centum series, Yokogawa joined forces with Eaton, a specialist in energy management solutions. “We chose to work with Eaton MTL for its credibility and expertise in intrinsic safety,” said Nobuaki Konishi, Vice President of Yokogawa Industrial Automation Platform Business. “The company is recognised in the industry as being a key supplier and we were confident we could rely on them to provide a high quality and safe solution.”

Joint Development with Clear Responsibility

In this cooperation, Yokogawa supplied the new network field unit that with an I/O module that can easily handle multiple types of I/O signals. As such, it eliminates the need for I/O modules to be replaced according to the signal they convey, which reduces rewiring, footprint and the time spent on installation and associated costs.

„Eaton’s product specialists added additional diagnostic features and functionality so line fault detection is integrated into the Yokogawa system. Now, there are channel level diagnostics in the control system that help users avoid downtime and increase plant productivity, the company stated.

“We worked closely with them to understand their requirements for a universal I/O module and recommended our MTL4500 intrinsic safety isolators, which have been adapted to work in a universal environment”, explained Riccardo Codega, MTL marketing director at Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division. “The backplane mounting series is designed with systems vendors in mind and is perfect for DCS applications such as this.”

A key benefit of the MTL4500 Series isolators is that the base plate does not require intrinsic safety certification. The field connection is on top of the module, so it does not need any additional accreditations and it is accessible to all regions worldwide. As a result, the approval process into a plant is simplified in virtually any application.