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Cooling Innovations for the Oil & Gas Industry

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3D TRASAR Technology

An efficiently controlled cooling water treatment always considers the polymeric dispersant as its backbone, as it not only inhibits scaling and fouling, but also stabilizes the corrosion inhibitors for better cathodic and anodic protection. Both the mechanisms of scale inhibition and dispersancy result in consumption of polymer, and therefore, to ensure ongoing cleanliness, fresh supplies of polymer are continuously required.

The 3D TRASAR program manages the residual active polymer using real-time monitoring and control. Until the introduction of 3D TRASAR technology, it was impossible to measure and control active polymer online. This meant that when particles or salts increased within the cooling system due to changes in water quality, or changes in blowdown, the activity of the polymer was reduced often to below the minimum concentration requirement. 3D TRASAR technology has the ability to automatically detect the loss of “active polymer” and ensure that the correct concentration of polymer is dosed to maintain the optimal level for protection. This, therefore, prevents the polymer becoming overwhelmed with activity dropping to low levels and subsequent deposition.

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Real Time Stress Management – The Key Technology?

This real-time stress management capability enables 3D TRASAR Technology to optimize the chemical dosing as per the system demand i.e. higher dosage during high-stress condition and lowering the dosing once stress is abated and normal condition is restored.

Furthermore, this new technology is uniquely positioned to help refining and petrochemical plants to improve process and production efficiency, environmental performance and sustainability. It can directly influence the heart of the refinery and petrochemicals production processes by maximizing heat-exchange efficiency, minimizing demand for fresh water and reducing wastewater flow and the chemical additives contained within.