USA: Polyethylene Production Chevron Phillips Chemical Announces Start-Up of World-Scale PE Units

Editor: Alexander Stark

Chevron Phillips Chemical celebrated the start-up of its world-scale polyethylene (PE) units in Old Ocean, Texas that will produce up to 1,000,000 metric tons annually to meet the growing demand for polyethylene from our customers around the globe.

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Night view of Chevron's polyethylene units in Old Ocean, Texas.
Night view of Chevron's polyethylene units in Old Ocean, Texas.
(Source: Business Wire)

The Woodlands/USA — These units can produce a wide variety of high quality polyethylene resins ranging from metallocene linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) to bi-modal resins for film and pipe products, displaying the wide capability of the company’s proprietary Martech technology.

The company's Marlex polyethylene resin produced at Old Ocean will be delivered to customers in North America and to strategic transloading facilities across the United States for export to all regions of the world.

The company announced plans to build these world-scale units in 2011 and broke ground in 2014. With these new assets in place, the producer intends to penetrate new markets to reach new customers, expand their global presence, and deliver on their growth commitments to the owner companies.

“The two new polyethylene units on the Texas Gulf Coast will have a global impact, providing the world with plastics for everything from automobile parts to smartphones,” said Tim Taylor, president of Phillips 66.