Methylaluminoxane Chemtura's Expanded Methylaluminoxane Production in Germany Goes On–Stream

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Chemtura has expanded its Axion Mao (methylaluminoxane) production at its Bergkamen, Germany manufacturing facility, to meet rising global demands.

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(Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

Bergkamen/Germany – “This is another important milestone in executing Chemtura Organometallics’ growth strategy by servicing our customers with essential polymerization co-catalysts,” said Dr. Ulrich Stewen, general manager of Chemtura and president of Chemtura Organometallics. The additional manufacturing capacity came on-stream in July, as scheduled. “The Anxio Mao expansion is fully backwards integrated based on our onsite trimethylaluminum (TMA) production. This critical TMA feedstock, as well as our container fleet, are continuously being adjusted to satisfy the growing market demand.”