Japan: Cellulose Hollow-Fiber Membranes Asahi Kasei to Build New Spinning Plant for Planova Filters

Editor: Alexander Stark

Asahi Kasei Medical announced the construction of a new plant for the spinning of cellulose hollow-fiber membranes for Planova virus removal filters in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan. The measure will increase the annual production capacity by 40,000 m2/year upon completion in May 2019.

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Planova virus removal filters from Asahi Kasei
Planova virus removal filters from Asahi Kasei
(Source: Asahi Kasei)

Düsseldorf/Germany — Virus removal filters are used to enhance safety in the production process for biotherapeutic products such as biopharmaceuticals and plasma derivatives. Asahi Kasei Medical's Planova cellulose membrane filters, which were launched in 1989 have been developed specifically for removing viruses from biotherapeutic products. Planova Bio EX hydrophilic PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) membrane filters provide viral clearance in high protein concentration solutions.

With heightened standards throughout the world for the viral safety of biotherapeutics and advances in the development of monoclonal antibodies and other biopharmaceuticals, the company expects global demand for Planova filters to continue on growing. According to the manufacturer, the new spinning plant will enable them to maintain stable product supply and meet rising demand. Together with a spinning plant for Planova Bio EX filters completed in Oita, Japan, in 2016, the new spinning plant announced recently will increase total production capacity for hollow-fiber virus removal membranes to 130,000 m2/year.