Cooperations Akzo Nobel and Solvay Cooperate on Renewable Solvents

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Solvay and Akzo Nobel announce a partnership for the usage of renewable raw materials (or biobased chemicals) within AkzoNobel formulations of paints and coatings. The first of a kind for AkzoNobel, this cooperation strengthens the commitment both companies have to sustainable development and the preservation of natural resources outlined in their respective strategies.

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AkzoNobel and Solvay establish a partnership on renewable solvants
AkzoNobel and Solvay establish a partnership on renewable solvants
(Picture: Akzo Nobel)

Brussels/Belgium – "This partnership demonstrates that sustainable development is not only an ethical attitude from companies but also a means of doing business and creating value for our customers and our businesses.” says Vincent Kamel President of Solvay Coatis GBU.

The agreement concerns widely used oxygenated solvents, specifically bio-Butanol and bio-Acetone and their derivatives, and the Solvay Coatis Augeo family of solvents. Solvent volumes of up to 10 kiloton per year are targeted by 2017.

"First Step Towards Bio–Based Chemicals"

Keith Gater, AkzoNobel Global Purchasing Director for Solvents says: “We are looking for innovation in our supply chain and this partnership provides exactly that. The collaboration supports our desire to develop both new solvents as well as improving the sustainability profile of existing ones.”

“This is our first concrete step following the adoption of our Biobased Chemicals strategy. We’re excited to be able to achieve not only a further increase of the “green” portion of our spend but also that with Solvay we can do so in a cost-competitive manner. This is the way to drive renewables and sustainability for our customers” added Peter Nieuwenhuizen, Director Future-proof Supply Chains.