Packaging/Labelling A Packaging-Pacemaker for High-Speed Serialisation

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Integra 520 V is the fastest of the robotic blister packaging lines made by Marchesini. It is a perfect fit for the new labeller by Neri BLA 525 and the new fast bundler FA 04 by Multipack, which are both built to manage the flow of 500 cartons a minute.

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(Source: Marchesini)

Among the strongholds of the BLA 525 is a patented indexing device that positions and sets the incoming cartons apart at a specific distance on the toothed belts with adjustable width, which prevent feasible slipping. This conveyor system is associated with a logical “Fail Safe” reject system that ensures only “correct” cartons reach the next machine. The BL A525 can fit all the printing and vision systems currently available.

Downstream from the line is the new FA 04 Fast version, which has been developed from the FA 04 Classical version. The new unit can handle a production flow of 500 cartons a minute (compared with the 400 cartons of the former machine), arranged in 50 bundles of 10 cartons. Then there is the new MC 820 TT case-packer for Track and Trace needs devised to offer a complete line for customers’ requirements but also to be offered as a “standard” all-inclusive version.