Cyber Security Yokogawa Makes Move Towards Cyber Security with McAfee Partnership

Author / Editor: Nick Denbow / Dominik Stephan

The advent of automation and information networks has seen process plants becoming targets for hackers, cyber–spies and malware programmers. Now Yokogawa and McAfee have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to offer holistic and value-added IT security solutions for the industrial automation world.

The cyber space has made process plants vulnerable to malware attacts and hackers.
The cyber space has made process plants vulnerable to malware attacts and hackers.
(Picture: GROAB)

McAfee, in their recent threats report, quote that cybercrime, “hacktivism” and cyber-warfare are on the rise worldwide, and these are growing ever more sophisticated. While today’s process control systems can take advantage of advanced general-purpose IT to reduce costs, improve performance, enable interoperability with APC, MES and other systems, and add other important new capabilities, these very same technologies have made them increasingly vulnerable to security intrusions – malicious or otherwise – from both within and outside the plant.

This means that organizations tasked with running critical infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, chemical plants, power stations, and water treatment facilities must look at holistic security systems across two disparate, yet interconnected zones: enterprise IT and industrial control systems.

Control Systems Operate Longer

The partnership between Yokogawa and McAfee, using the Yokogawa domain knowledge with McAfee real-time intelligence for changing threat environments with resilient and efficient compliance measures, addresses the issue that industrial process control systems typically have a three to five times longer lifecycle than typical commercial systems - so have needed more patches, and have more known vulnerabilities.

“Security measures for control systems are indispensable. Yokogawa is continually making stringent efforts to provide our customers with control system security solutions, starting with the development of highly secure instruments and systems and extending to the provision of operational support services”, said Nobuaki Konishi, vice president of Yokogawa’s IA systems business division. He continued: “This partnership will allow us to combine our technology and plant security knowhow with McAfee’s technology to enhance the security of our products and our line-up of security solution services covering the entire lifecycle of our customers’ plants. This will include the integration of anti-virus software with industrial control systems used in the process industries”.

Expanding McAfee Interests

Wahab Yusoff, vp for McAfee South Asia, added: “Businesses are looking for integrated security solutions, moving from simply securing components to understanding and measuring the security of a business system as a whole. That is why we feel strongly about this opportunity to work with Yokogawa as a leading global supplier of industrial control systems.

* Courteousy of Industry Automation Insider