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“We See a Bright Future for the Food Processing Industry”

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PROCESS: Post the announcement of ‘ease of doing business’ by the Government of India, in what ways do you think the attitude of the international players have changed towards investing in India?

Clemens: Many of our member companies have been represented in India for a fairly long time. In recent years, we have recognized that subsidiaries are specifically established for the needs of the local production, meaning that machinery is directly built in India. Those machines are not only manufactured for the local market, but they are also exported.

Gradually, India has become important production site for the German companies. Initiatives such as ‘ease of doing business’ will definitely boost German companies to further expand their businesses in the country.


PROCESS: How does VDMA contribute towards creating awareness about the latest technologies and advancements in the various sectors in India?

Clemens: VDMA India was our first expansion in the foreign land. It was founded 15 years ago and, now, has become an integral and irreplaceable part of our work.

The Indian team acts as a bridgehead for India and Germany, by facilitating companies to expand in either country. Our fruitful cooperation comprises the individual support for the companies as well as assistance during events such as exhibitions, seminars, workshops, conferences, and so on, in India and Germany.

* The author is Associate Editor for Vogel Business Media India

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