Brazil: Antifoam Compounds Wacker Expands Production of Silicones in Brazil

Editor: Alexander Stark

Wacker Chemie is expanding its silicone production at its Jandira site near São Paulo, Brazil.

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Wacker’s new silicone production in Jandira, Brazil
Wacker’s new silicone production in Jandira, Brazil
(Source: Wacker Chemie)

Jandira/Brazil — The German based chemicals company is currently building a multi-purpose facility to manufacture antifoam compounds and functional silicone fluids. According to the company, the expansion is a response to growing regional demand for specialty silicones needed in the textile, paper, household and personal care and cosmetics industry.

Investments for the expansion will total around € 7 million. While the reactor for silicone fluids is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2017, the plant for antifoam compounds is expected to come on stream by the end of the year. The new production complex is a key addition to the Jandira site’s supply chain. With the two new reactors for silicones fluids and antifoam compounds, the Group is able to produce precursors and starting materials for specialized antifoam, impregnating and release agents and for additives for the pulp and paper, cosmetics and household care industries.

“In South and Middle America, the market for our silicone solutions is growing, especially in the personal care, household and textile sectors. In order to meet this increasing demand over the long term, we will extend our production in Jandira,” noted Wacker Executive Board member Auguste Willems.

Willems also noted that after the completion of the polysilicon production site in Tennessee, the Group had concluded its major investments and would now focus on plants for intermediates, sales products and specialty products. “With the expanded silicones production in the year of Wacker’s 40th anniversary in Brazil, we can offer considerable added value to our local customers and partners,” said Adriano Magalhaes, managing director of Wacker Quimica do Brasil. “The new facility makes it possible to enlarge our portfolio and adapt our products even better to customer needs and local industry requirements.”

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