Process Control System

Version Upgrade of a Field-Proven Control System

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More Powerful Operation

While user-friendliness is among the most important criteria of a control system from the operator’s point of view, plant managers are concerned with the safe, fault-free operation of the plant, high product quality, and production methods that conserve resources. These requirements have of course been taken into account extensively in developing Version 8.1.


More flexibility, faster benefits from increased performance through updates, and interruption-free loading are the primary benefits of “type change in run”. What does this mean? Until now, plant managers were always skeptical about block updates: Naturally, they wanted to benefit from the innovations of an improved block library, but was it worth stopping the relevant automation systems and interrupting production?

The use of the new Simatic PCS 7 CPU 410 and Version 8.1 removes this dilemma. Individual blocks or a block library can be updated without interruption of CPU. The automation system no longer has to be restarted for this purpose the way it used to. Plant managers thus benefit quickly from updates without having to worry that production will be interrupted.

The same freedom from interruption now also applies for upgrading the system expansion card (SEC). It controls the performance dimensioning of the CPU 410 depending on the automation task. The number of process objects (POs) determines the required performance scope. The range extends from 100 POs to an unlimited number (the CPU is the limiting factor, being dimensioned for almost 2600), and with the introduction of the new version the extension steps have been set to the easier handled figure of 100 units.

For plant managers, the innovation not only ensures interruption-free operation of the expansion, it also allows extremely precise adaptation of the performance to the task, and thus helps to save unnecessary investment costs since it is now possible to expand POs at any time, thus making it unnecessary to plan contingency reserves.

Version 8.1 also supports different versions of block libraries. More on the next page.