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Radar Level Measurement

Vega Are Already Very Close to the 100,000 Mark with their 80 GHz Radar Level Sensors

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Interview with Jürgen Skowaisa and Clemens Hengstler, Product Managers at Vega

Clemens Hengstler (left) and Jürgen Skowaisa (right), Radar Product Managers at Vega
Clemens Hengstler (left) and Jürgen Skowaisa (right), Radar Product Managers at Vega
(Source: Kempf/PROCESS)

PROCESS: Mr. Skowaisa, has the ideal vision of the one measuring instrument that covers all applications in the field of liquids and bulk solids been reached with the Vegapuls 64 and 69?

Skowaisa: The team would have won the gold medal at the Olympic Games. The sensors cover 90 % of all applications in our opinion.

PROCESS: Mr. Hengstler, does the 26 GHz technology still have its justification? An if so, for how much longer?

Hengstler: Lower frequencies still have their justification, but only for a few special applications in terms of percentages. For example, the signals at 26 GHz can be guided very simply by a waveguide. The electronics can therefore easily be set up remotely. This is not so easy with 80 GHz. Vega will continue to offer all other, typical frequency ranges in the future to provide the optimum solution for all applications.

PROCESS: Mr. Skowaisa, Mr. Hengstler, what are the next challenges for Vega in radar level measurement?

Skowaisa: The 80 GHz technology still holds a lot of potential. It will certainly conquer other new fields of application; of that we are convinced.

Hengstler: Vega has never rested on its laurels. We are always coming up with new ideas how to improve something. We will continue to develop this and other technologies further. Our prime goal is to make things as easy as possible for the user. We already did this earlier with the world’s first two-wire radar or with the modular instrument platform plics. And we have certainly done it again with 80 GHz. Measuring the level has never been so easy. And Bluetooth for all Vega sensors also shows just how innovative we are.

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