Test Laboratory TUV India Inaugurates Test Laboratory for Food and Agricultural Products

Editor: Dominik Stephan

TUV goes India: Home to one of the largest industrial, educational & research hubs in India, and surrounded by a rich agricultural belt, Pune can now also boast of an advanced laboratory for the testing of agricultural & processed food, materials, animal feed, pharmaceutical & cosmetic products, as per national & international standards. This could help to overcome the current waste of agricultural products in the country, TUV speakers stated...

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The TUV is already established as an industrial service provider and thrid party testing authority in India, speakers explained.
The TUV is already established as an industrial service provider and thrid party testing authority in India, speakers explained.
(Picture: TUV Nord)

Pune/India – In a function attended by many leading Industrial Houses, and amid the sounding of the traditional “Tutari”, Dr. Guido Rettig, Chairman of the Board of TÜV NORD, inaugurated TUV India’s state-of-the-art laboratory & office, which provides state–of–the–art analytical testing equipments. During the inauguration, he also announced the launching of a “Centre of Excellence for Food Safety” at the 20,000 square feet facility.

TUV Already Established Service Provider in India

TUV India, which provides services to several thousand customers in India and neighbouring countries, is already well established as one of the oldest & largest technical service provider of independent, neutral, third party services like various ISO certifications, Inspection Services, Training Courses, Validation & Verification of carbon mitigation projects (CDM), testing and certification of consumer & industrial products, as well as vehicles and vehicle components and aggregates.

“The Advent of Indian Food Safety Revolution”

Dr. Rettig spoke of “the advent of Indian Food Safety Revolution” and vowed to “support local Industry & Regulators to meet global standards.” He also said that “the centre will help Indian exporters to access markets worldwide through ethical, reliable and world-class testing, certification & training services and will offer end to end solutions from the farm to fork.”

Only 3–4 Percent of India's Agricultural Products Actually Processed

India, in spite of being one of the world’s largest producers, presently processes only about 3-4% of the total production of food. A large portion of the food produced is wasted, due to the lack of adequate infrastructure like cold storage and supply logistics. As such, there remains tremendous opportunity for India to fulfill its Food Security requirements... More on page 2