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Nov 22, 2020

An article in Pharma+Food: "Richtige Auswahl von Enstaubungsanlagen im Hinblick auf Ex-Schutz: Fragen der Sicherheit"

Read an article that will help you understand how to recognise and select a safe dust collector on the EU market.

Explosion risks associated with dust collectors are long known and not nearly negligible. This is because almost all organic, and even some inorganic (metallic) materials are combustible in dust form.

Customers that are selecting the dedusting filter systems need to consider all safety aspects when selecting the equipment. To make the decision easier, TRM Filter d.o.o. has prepared and article that reveals some hotspots on which to focus.

Link to the online version of the article is here.

Link to the article (extraction from the original PDF) is here.

You can reach entire Pharma+Food magazine (07/2020) in the PDF form here (see pages 28-30).

ENGLISH version of the article can be found in the downloads section ("Guideline for buying safe dust collectors").