Taking No Risks

Total Quality Management Ensures Smooth Packaging of Pharmaceutical

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This solutionoriented approach is a key benefit for customers like HemoCue AB. “We have been working successfully with Sanner for many years,” confirms Asa Sjöstrand from HemoCue, Sweden. “We were especially impressed by the company’s expertise and the service mentality of Sanner specialists. They took our requests seriously and responded immediately with satisfactory solutions,” Sjöstrand adds.

Assuring Quality, Breathing Life into Processes

To improve processes company-wide on a long-term basis, Sanner uses the ‘20 Keys’ management method. This holistic approach compares and describes a company’s actual and target status based on 20 fields of action, identifies needs for improvement and integrates them into existing workflows. Instead of treating quality management as a static issue, the company sees it as a process in constant motion.


“We don’t just talk about processes at Sanner, we breathe life into them. This is the key to continuously improving quality and supplying customers with reliable products that minimize risk and maximize patient safety. These are the factors that make Sanner an ideal partner for the pharmaceutical industry,” Reichstein concludes.

* The author is the Chief Executive Officer of Sanner GmbH