Twin-Shaft Mixers Total Homogenisation by Three-Dimensional Rearrangement in Twin-Shaft Mixer

Editor: Ahlam Rais

The way GMP-compliant batch mixers work is determined by two synchronously rotating screw mixing tools. They carry goods upwards in the periphery and downwards in the centers, which creates an intensive cross-flow of the product flowing up and down.

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The Amixon twin-shaft mixer – Type HM.
The Amixon twin-shaft mixer – Type HM.
(Source: Amixon)

This type of flow generation is universally applicable for almost all product consistencies: dry, moist or suspended powder, even pastes or dough masses. Here, a three-dimensional distribution takes place.

This is independent of the degree of filling, the rotational frequency and any differing component properties such as particle size, density, cohesion, adhesion or viscosity. If the goods are unusually fragile or if dust explosive conditions can only be avoided at peripheral speeds of less than 1 m / s, the rotation frequency can be reduced, states the firm, Amixon. The mixing process takes place without loss of quality, even when the mixing tools rotate slowly.

Wet cleaning and drying can be done with the automatic Water Dragon system. If the mixer has to be cleaned manually, large inspection doors offer good access for the cleaning staff. Another advantage of the FDA-approved mixing machine: it offers a high standard of hygiene, deploying only a minimum of personnel, since the details are also designed without joints, adds the company.

Mixing processes and other operating parameters can be piloted in the manufacturer's technical center.